Oouqé The Unholy

Dip a taste pretty honey, Ranú and Cahle are awaiting to throw their stones, climb your throne to ponder the inability to relate. The great hands of the state alert to save, ever such brave souls, and yet their behavior unprecedented. Who gets the blame for burning the flag? There is no doubt the haze came the same day you left, the sound of persistence caused the other lover to hesitate. Expect you must be the fool, the tool for another splendid altercation, “Pry the chest open boy, we’re all decomposing for heaven sake!”

The sparkling morning shine too diligent to make sense of, climb the counter and suddenly its lights on, lights off. Hardly a worker, always two worlds from the present, he’s prepared to be unprepared and whilst the cycle continues the oaks sing in the breeze swinging a smile. The Spire of the magicians staff crafted from the very same cast quite the response as he conjured beautiful, blazing specters and electro/firebolts from its green glowing tip.

A flip of suits the shoots and roots clasping the earth from which they stood were torn from our plane and into the next. When Ooqué The Unholy unleashed a power so dangerous it was fueled entirely by dread, fear and hate. Actually, something was wrong.

The magnificent staff began to crack from the center and just like that a dome of swirling purple, blue and black engulfed the forest around them. Weeping the immortal man practiced mutiny, vengeance, depravity, insanity, selfishness, hatefulness, deceitfulness and greed before humanity causing death and destruction wherever he may…


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