Seeking Ships

Dividing the tension from her swoon, the balloons trajectory is far from dandy, eh Mandy. No secret for her love of Andy the bland stander, the murky water of a moderately kept pond. Beyond your time here the weir is the only place these two can manage to get along. Wrong for one another, unsuitable for any other, the limbo of their contention could shatter anytime soon. The moon hangs politely in the reflection of the calming waters that narrow to the boundaries of the marsh which spread along the bank. Up to the meadow and just as the wind barks an almighty bellow, the howling gust turns Andy’s eyes sour.

“The hour is upon us, dear!”

“Excuse me” Mandy abstained shaking her head to gesture no clues as to what her ‘beloved’ counterpart was jabbering on about.

“And so our skies, the skies of our cosmic tyranny empty ethnicity, ferocity and envy. The blood red drops that land on the lands that non believers inhabit so, destructively.” Andy persisted.

“Stop now, you’re scaring me.” Mandy interrupted.


Andy gasped extremely loudly before screaming in a pitch that temporarily deafened her. She held her eyes closed for as long as possible before opening them. When Mandy finally built up the courage she took her first look at her other half. She saw him floating now above the rowing boat they had been resentfully enjoying. His body an endlessly bright white shining like nothing she had ever laid eyes on before. She looked on in wonder, she could not stop, her eyes began hurting and for now her retinas had become irreparably damaged. Then just like that the star that was Andy Prole quickly and spectacularly burnt out.

Mandy never did open her eyes after that night. She claimed “If vision is reality, and I am in this reality, then what I saw I will never not see. So I will never risk looking again.”


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