Autumn Fanovana

The difficultly in life isn’t knowing where your going, or who you are, that’s simple that’s easy. The difficultly is watching the people around you change and morph into a complete stranger, something that’s so abnormal and different to their usual self. The times where you looked at them and knew nothing would change have gone; replaced by someone that makes you question why we build these relationships to have them ripped away. Change hurts. Change is sadness. Sadness means that things will never be the same, fire consumes the heart. Painful to look back, so poisonous to realize the present is nothing but a simple life cycle; set on repeat. Autumn used to be my favourite season, now it’s nothing but gone. As the leaves fall and twirl to the floor; I am able to name everyone single one, but you, I want to pick you up and stick you back to the tree. 

What d'ya think?

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