Apocalypse Mémoire

Is it optional to fly pleasantly? Forever blessed by the enemy of anticipation. I know you feel it, the exquisite numbing from suffering just too long. The song is mostly enjoyed until the returning void of silence brings dangerous focus. Once again the rain has managed to invite the wearing drear, parked in a hot rod logistically and horribly you notice the clarifying puzzle piece. Loaded dice the deed to continue carving sculptures of dissolute modern mythology; another tier, another toil. The soils precious oath in growth potential destined by the preserved urge to stay kept to one place. Life had different plans, plans of expanding space. The only way to replace the races misfortune, an organ parade, steering clear into the deer. One wrong step you bet this whole biological hum drum ecology is begging to investigate and conquer the mongoloids hottest and most interesting inspection.

“What does this do?”

What d'ya think?

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