Goodbye Lies

Are you alert to dispense?

Dispose of the mollycoddling throws of a young’n acting disconcertingly, personally it’s almost embarrassing classing that next to him. The grimmer of the situations least may have inadvertently confessed to knowing. Knowing what is not to be known, he’s shown us time and time again, a good friend. There is no more time to pretend the end is coming, it came and left the end a joyous occasion waiting, praying for the day it might bring us closer together. Forever.

Are you brave enough to close?

The budding rose and daffodils, proudly sprouting from the ground before him, of what he is now. The greenery touching every statue, tomb and stone in the graveyard, every yard another bittersweet story, their glory days stored forever in gold shining through all the particularly bad weather, it never gets easier to see you. Through the pain I hear your name, taken from her she would never be the same. A flame taming the soul as fire did arrest the testing notion to remain composed from a visitation such as this, the mist is setting in as the caretaker sweeps the damp leaves. Its breezy but not impossible to muster words.

Are you smart enough to lose?

You will be missed forever.

What d'ya think?

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