Primal Freedom

Concentration, the sensation that is just too hard to hold onto when the impromptu distraction of interaction comes. A sweet blessing, forever progressing to something more than pure procrastination. We always miss the point. The dwindling benchmark of conviction brings warmly the sense of yet another disappointment. The ointment works, but his quirks do require some needed thought.

Nought, the idea that values nothingness, a meaningfully nonexistent infinity. The wonders of mankind’s ability to provide an elegant and mostly indisputable organization. Could you ever provide such competence? Discover the nuance to suggest indifference. A privilege, Joel thinks you’ll admire. The bell tower rings brilliantly invigorating a dignity that is prevaricating enough, but on this stage you’d have thought we would have sought to be above it.

Green managing to be the briefest of ceilings, a landscape obligating the feeling of blissful melancholy. The apple tree hums suddenly, but perfectly in tune with the loon leaning under the shade playing the lute he found in a rather peculiar encounter that occurred this morning . Needless to say, the blue stayed all day.

What d'ya think?

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