Remorsefully Intuitive

The aged compendium discovering the collateral implications of such expenditure seemed rather reminiscent in their conviction. The shallower of the two chewed loudly the gum he did pertain. The framed ignorance of sweet desperation, courageous empty creation our mind is honest but your lips are foul. Oswald the owl sits opportunistically and problematically upon the older shoulder of a colder conception. The panic that carved canvased orchids from the rubble. Searing trouble looms, the rooms spinning once again, the predicament outweighs the humble mumbling vibrating in the vacuum.

Tough buffalo, another blow raising further exposure and with no closure in sight, the closer he is to the light the mightier the contradiction bows. The lovers ravine, too pristine to just spout a quip, the unseen being from her pasts past trepidation. The elusive information promised induction but left with no parting outroduction, a gumption far more harmonious in the type more likely to moan and gripe about traversing the harrowing crevasses of an open plan shop floor. The age of today brings confidently complicated confederacy.

Bite less. Try more. Hide less. Think more.

What d'ya think?

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