All Night

The extremest occupation burst before it could contain the gravity tugging you back down to Earth. Poison diverts the perverse from becoming more perturbed and yet you feel the same. Did the kaleidoscope tie all the memories together sequentially? Better than you’d ever seen, Johnson offers devout ease between dreams. The furthest he’s ever been from the sun and of course its still a shock to the mum of another burden. It might have been nice to see you lilt beside the crashing waves, still misbehaving. Acting lazy but getting a lot done. I hope you’re having fun. Sam on the run.

Have you read the news today?

We’re getting nowhere swiftly, another day added to the 1838 yesterdays interrupted, wondering what its like to encourage the effect of condition. The effortless decision to opt out mentally but continue to do so physically. The grizzly misfortune of finding everything you’ve ever wanted and more but not in a way that is accessible anymore. The very door to which he stepped, opened wide through every remunerative injunction, conquering his mind. Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde. A perfect analogy of the plum that is too purple to join the party.

I’ve read the news today, oh boy.




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