Nariét Gavé

Where would you arrive with nowhere to go? Its slow, quick then just as the scooting child hops to the curb a mild incision is made. Ever so brave, for the undertaking, she is a slave in the making. Her stakes breaking in the wake of another cigarettes aching burn. Its your turn so roll the dice. Take twenty, ten is far too little, your might couldn’t crash it. Their ego unable to hack it, the computer ready to sack the programmers best intention. You’ve exhumed a world of stellar polarization. Facilitating a sinking island with an abstract ethnicity. Do you see how the collection of frowns crowns my sensational unpredictability?

Determined to magnify an impressionable underestimation. Destined to speak of empty congratulation. The formations creation combines nostalgia and trepidation. The turning corner might lead off the cliff, the risk, being in the car to seek glory in the face of insanity. Can you handle the exposure? Unending expenditure, attempting to secure some sort of future. Paving some sort of meaningful existence. The laughs from all your yesterdays chuckle. Unwisely it complicates the intermittent consultation of relation. With elation he softly spoiled the silence.

“All those years ago”

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