Oh, tender grimace of the mundane, grapple with the sun dance while you drift into the next lane. No, our waves are not the same but somewhere amidst tangible feelings, it fits. Too menacing is the face of acceptance, too belittling to be known as fear. It’s eerily ostentatious, the way it sees us. Give it another glance or miss the once fabulous personality of the year. Through persistence the message becomes laughable, yet dishonorable to admit losers care who win. The wind is crafty in it’s sporadic practicality, if its direction you’re uncovering you won’t find it here. Wandering walls shift in front of my eyes. I look worried but needn’t be, it is merely a dream.

“I can do anything I want here. This is my home. If I want to drive, I can. If I want to win the lottery, I can. If I want to dream that I’m dreaming, I can. This is my personal space, so you’ll forgive my hesitance about letting you in. I’ll show you around shall I?” Zap.

The strawberry trees abound lead down to an enormous pear tree. Beside flows a river unusual in that it flows upstream, towards Mt. Lanvrem where the wiser of the population considers their water to flow downstream. To the left is a plot of land bursting with fantastic flowers covering the complex entirely. A house that is yet to be in existence, it’s distance at this point could not be further from reality.

“Lucidity awaits the valiant adventurer featured in the tapestry.”

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