Getting Out

Soon to see everything, the little barnacle is growing. Ma worrying and pa working the daughter off living and the brother home dreaming of another life. The strife of their connection burns deeper than the foundations of their origins. The bonding beats of bovine capacity distract the spare contraction of the moment they acquired such diligence. Showing the willingness to concede, the housing seed of all this is welcome to sit in the seats of Andilany. Their reign and supremacy the likes of which no single body of people could ever wish to replicate. Their word rule and their law rightfully implemented. The coming spring is set to bring swift application of the cities new and improved working system, paid to the penny of each citizens worth. An effort to reverse the damning effects of perpetual greed among the richest percentages of the world. It’s getting old, but it appears to be working as cracks are starting to pierce and penetrate their souls in a way that will eventually one day, redistribute the wealth to lands of people whom it could far better serve. The deserving souls whom have never had more than a bite to eat their feet bare and their hands coarse of the opportunity to even combat an issue so.

When it all started, why did no one set a limit?

What d'ya think?

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