The endless pit upon which James Green and Ida Lowe have approached, encroached their souls the same as all of its previous failures. Their only momentary savior is the rope, securely tied to a boulder about ten feet away from the opening. Surely, he thought, it would be unlikely to move. The grooves generous and enabling the climbing duo to traverse challenge #3. A dare which happens to be (N 40.9331 W -115.0320) the closest of the options but by no means the easiest. Did these two bite off more than they could chew?

James Green: Twenty-Eight; Adventurer; Christian; Passionate; And great to have when silence speaks; Climbing since the age of three; His time was spent, not admiring, but aspiring to complete all that is to be completed; His ambition yet to be defeated.

Nothing more than an hour into the decent, the boys can no longer see the light of day, they’re using torch light to continue. Rumor has it a platform awaits anyone whom is willing to go the full mile. The laboring stakes of a wrong decision at any time reminds James and Ida how they fell in love with danger in the first place. This race is drawing to a wonderful feeling, no earlier than the rope gives way for three or four seconds. Knocking uncontrollably, no sense or action to halt the fear and panic. The rocky boulder now covers the canyons only known entrance. Suspended. The light on Ida’s helmet flickers.


Ida Lowe: Twenty-five; Risk taker; African-American; Innovator; Muslim; A homegrown prodigy; Lover of all the brothers of his time the extent to which he would light up the dream, unimaginable; His way with life was his way with everything, free.

Plummeting to their fate the date they had to complete challenge #3 would take more from them than just their participation.

What d'ya think?

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