A Climax To Sea

Soon to be never again. Their entanglement started a heck of a long time ago. The closet narko trying ever so hard to stay at arms length they begin a perfectly humble embrace. The Alberta breeze binds them entwine. Her departure dilapidated the innocuous odor sweating from the rocks, the tip of her spite sang sprightly in reprimand and with selective demand her pronunciation elongated their perceptual effect level. The exchange that takes place, is disgraceful, pragmatically its only several steps from being similar. The visual depreciation replicates burnt toast to the chin of the bread winners most unimaginable potential.

The only thing lesser that he could say was madder than the nodding fish suddenly frying in the accident that spangled the hurdle. Feeling worse, they could no longer keep in the mind frame of the hounds that keep their jargon in form. The fluency to appear decipherable came with an incoherent buzz that spoke nonsensically beside the bristling thistles. The gristle gleaming from the fields expertise. The obtainable yield wires the catapult and conditions hyperbolic expression to appease the pleasing scenery. The greenery appears to be sleeker. A lone and valiant preacher stands amidst the entourage of simplistic denomination. The applications process is longing to find some sense of conception, perplexed beyond the milestone of misunderstanding, the pertinence of the pilots anchor depends on the fractured structure of Andy’s grace.

What d'ya think?

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