What do you see? I can’t see. Will he speak? No. Who heard you? Mh-Uh. How? I was only trying to help. What are you? What are you? Us. Excuse me. Never. Did you expect? I do understand. Can you really comprehend? I’m sure. On the off chance you, definitely, can’t? What is this? What is what? Where is this? That is what this is. For how long do you intend to waste my time? He intends to take your life. No. What do you see? I can’t see. Will he speak? Yes. Who heard you? None. How? Please stop. What are you? I am Dale. How? Just let me go! Where do you? He wants you. What do you see? Will you give it a rest. Will he speak? Has to. Who heard you? YOU SPOKE TO ME! I disagree. Excuse me? Never. If you don’t tell me where I am? Where you are is where you are, where you aren’t is where you aren’t. Oooh, what a delight! How can you treat me so? Do you see me yet? Yes.

What d'ya think?

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