California Rox

Starting on a lilt, it wasn’t built for this kind of propriety. One might say he’s been tremendous. The fog rolls in above them. Drop the file and drag us a night of everything. Less or more? Give us a sign that you can manage the arguments counter, the amount of times this needs to be said; preposterous. In every aspect the stars tempt the mistress. The boat they’re upon begins to separate. Nothing more than the calm waters of the wave-less lake Laó reflect their endless images; interrupted by a smooth rock that skips until its momentum is overcome.

The underside of their beauty is rotting away beneath them. It is mere seconds before they begin to sink. Neither Valn or Petré could advert their gaze as they sink into the freezing water. They knew. There was no chance they would make it out of these waters alive. Gasping, shivering, flailing the boys accept their fates to be within view. The End. The Beginning.

Plausibility ushering in the possibility of starting anew.

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