Worry Murray, the hurry you’re in is not your time. Never fear, a problem is only dangerous when your next to it. Electric enemy, how is it that you depend on the solution? I guess the commiseration belongs to us. What a fussy bunch. A simple snap of the crunch could embed you, pressing the blessing that shakes the horrendous reverberation. Dream boy, dream of different days, each phase more important that the prior. Awry, his eyes are always going to be blank. Escape is to jump from one platform to the next. Fixed at the momentous next move and just as swiftly she’s got you begging on your knees. Sleep deeper, rest your ease honey, I am the man I need to fix the out of shape shamble. A deadline that in time will be known as just another therapy. His energy racing the fawns beautiful posture graces the graphic contingency. Landscape is the broken slack that is still very much alive; the hive of apt operates from within.

One thought on “Wolfgang

  1. Yes; you re right -“the hive of your inner apt is operating from within.” Enjoyed the write. Thanks.

    KindlyKickingBack | December 14, 2015 at 7:56 pm | Categories: ShortPassage | URL:


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