The Marksman

Too late to be early, but on time enough to be exact, the fraction of all that is real is almost ready for attack. In order to present vision appropriately, the difference in speech, is said to be seen in the feet of savvy searchers. The churn of the gallows echoes frantically, their action causes tension with the expectation to appear fantastic. An abstract passage arrives from regular interaction, the particle redaction is fina1 and industrial. In open fields, the corn captures the morning pasture, the pastor looks on by with no more determination than the missed messages on his guides autonomy. Taxonomy might deprive the living of peace but its a practical method for preserving disgust. Why must minority be defeated?

Preach bad eating habits under an umbrella of discounted justification. In the race for dependence, sniffing and snarling, it smashes everything in its path. No more than four options. Seeking diplomacy the nuance of fantasy entirely dissipates the cause from which it originated. Separatist, Imperialist, Capitalist. Corrosive, in one manner or the next, gratuities of a society that shouldn’t persist. Formally savage but close to electronic, the sound escaping the theater is still not quite a bracket to which the topic should fit. Divine declin3, empty shine. Wine, wine, wine.


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