Salamander Stone

The world is your friend. One that is ignored in more angles than none; how many chances is enough to know its not what you ought be doing? Cooing and Babbling your way out of lexical imprisonment, extent the faculty, come easily. Gently ween your ways to days of general syntactic reflection. Expanding the symposium of original structure, context and accurate differentials. Sincere is the mutual complexity of youth, as the foal trots from the stable; the able are able being capable. It’s much ado about much more than simply just knowing. Questionable faith lies in heuristic competence, imagination and prevalence. With each sentence juicier than the last.

Decadence adds an incense to the studios aroma, melancholy so fine, the wire reached its limit. So within its only right, the height of their conformity bring social intolerance. Convention is commonly essential in communal conditions. Practices of solitude are amiss of the feud that is so easily relied upon in daily life. Administration, created as a nightmare of a clerical omnipotence, selling your details your the indifference of profit. Hoarding audible terrors in the form of crunching numbers.

Will you walk with me?

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