Some pages are not a viable stock, the clock is signalling bells in all time zones around the Earth. Am I worth the risk? Shattered disks of tracks from a different era, Crystal is clear in demonstrating his processes of thought. Executing them professionally, academically and assertively; his grooves into the field is deeper than the vinyl record echoing in the background. An idol of Katrina, her vernacular is cleaner than the area. Her words, fluently pronounced, intonation bouncing as it should, engaging every attention receptor in Sidney’s span. The hue in view is vibrant, Autumn, with rich gold, auburn and win red leaves drifting abound. The roaring sound of cars passing doesn’t bring the young fellas focus away.

The way they communicate is on a spectrum of independence unlike those the could be overheard without a decipher code and would be effortlessly understood. Their comprehensive pathology in the balance of The Sun and slight nip in the air. Gently bringing their ‘incoherent’ fluency to a break. After goodbyes, the pair part individually, and consider the practicality of regulating their singularity. Harmonious predictions play synchronously, their estimation in cognitive creation, if only for a few seconds. Halting them in their tracks, neither turn. They inhale and exhale inaudibly, the play maker devoid of remission. Listen to the seasons change, boy these creatures are strange.

What d'ya think?

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