Jar Full of Air

Patiently, the charging battery is taking far too long to be considered co-operating, great. If the hanging violence lasts any longer there won’t be a soul left to complain about it. The ground hit back with an almighty sentiment, exclaiming the system was not founded on slavery but claimed for freedom. The entire nation covered in an awful structural entanglement. Taking everything and more from the natives. Even after centuries of deprivation, they have the audacity to deny economic replenishment. Not even enough clean water to drink. Do they think its not worth trying to repay the outstanding inhumane complication consuming five fifths of their history? Fists raised convincing their people honesty, bravery and integrity. The utter abomination of a man stands at the podium to preach.

“What is seen can and will never be unseen, maybe altered in some way. The order perhaps rearranged but the identity, the story, the message stays the same.”

Aren’t you a horrible clown, hair like a blonde sedan, the monsoon of your reckoning is going to be a twenty-five year step back. Your vulgar sausage fingers point towards a future of apocalyptic treason. The season of election might shove plenty of spanners in the works, for only a fool would be so foolish to expect the nation to be so bigoted. It’s difficult to imagine an outcome where the people will benefit more than the party. One should pray not to get involved with.

What d'ya think?

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