The Poverty of Equality

To teach the young girl a lesson, her brother shower her what happens when plastic is introduced to a microwave. After a mere seven seconds sparks began to ignite the dolls once fabulous face. It was now bubbling and distorting her idealistic beauty. Whilst the young girl looked on in shock and horror, she begun sobbing into her sleeve. Her brother, her big brother, reassured her.

“You needn’t ever compare, give power or feel inadequate to an inanimate object. The cruelty of societal blaming is far beyond our open-minded control. Never forget that you are beautiful and plastic is just plastic; whatever shape its molded into. There is no need to feel sad, feel empowered, aloof of the luxury that having something downstairs would entail.”

In the days forthcoming, the girl waited patiently to instill her diabolical revenge, for what he saw as a life lesson she saw as melting her possession in a microwave! It had been easy to conduct her plan, orchestrating every fine detail, taking it upon herself to retaliate strategically and methodically; what they would later describe in 32′ as harshly executed. The next morning during an unscheduled assembly the Headmaster Amadeus Wolfgang Bert announced “Good morning everyone!” Proceeding to click play on the video link. The sight of the projection screen had already caused plenty of intrigue among the pupils before sitting in register order, by year. The video began to show the highlights from the recent year 11 Football and Netball games. When intermittently an image would flicker and flash, an image that the students instantly recognized as a picture of a young boy naked in the garden in refusal of a bath time. The children’s laughter began to drown out the audio, and before Headmaster Bert had realized what was causing it; one boys face turned bright red in embarrassment knowing exactly whom it was in the photo. Pausing the video it was perfectly so that the boys image was being displayed for all five hundred of the pupils he would have to spend the next three to five years around to see. Headmaster Bert shouted loudly demanding to know the source of the hilarity. 

In one unanimous movement all the children, teachers and chuckling deputy heads pointed towards the screen. He shrieked, quickly shutting the laptop in the corner. Which set everyone off laughing even more so than before. As the assembly drew to a close the children tried to calm down. Departing the hall the girl managed to find her brother and whispered, gently in his ear.

“Don’t worry. I won’t tell anyone it was you!-“

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