Red Leather Sofa

Are you miles ahead of the troupe? Not without sacrifice and commitment from day one. Have you any idea about the importance of the journey, Salem? It’s probably got not much to do with me but, if you must know, I know how blessed I am to be. When did the deflection begin? I am not here to answer all your benign wanderings, I will not ramble till the answer rolls off my tongue, you’re going to have to discover it for yourself. I am not here to harm you, Salem, I want to help you, do you wish to be helped? I am worried about the notion of inner peace. If it wasn’t already abundantly clear,  I have none, I am often worried, confused and anxiously discontent. Absurd is the nature of habitual presence. I feel like this jumble of wires, tangled and unsure of the solution.

Have you tried letting go? Of course it’s not as easy as simply putting away the milk, this is a lifetime of overthought we’re dealing with here. The sort that contorts rationale, perception and overall completion of your surroundings in a cognitively comprehensible simulation. Are you still working at the station? I am the man, I am. No, it stopped being intentional or consequential, I don’t think you can feel the turmoil etching away the surface, as the coin to the weekly lotto. Is it any wonder you feel lonely, distant? You might get a clout one day with the way you listen.

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