We’re more than welcome to dispute the common courtesy of practicing adventurous necessity. The clamping efferent epiphany is abrupt, startling and desperately ordering attention. It’s intention fails to scare, being brave is the only option beyond packing their lives into another apartment. The parties arrangement hangs in the balance of tomorrows organization, clay motion must be awfully intense. The innocence that evacuated all common sense from the equation Salutes François, adieu and welcomes him back to the enigmatic denomination of intoxication. Teach us all a lesson and abandon the impression that has got the nation on its feet.

Here in the shadows the animals will play, their days long and at last a cease fire. When you feel as though you’re life is ready to go to places unknown. A cruel knowledge to never forget the pain. It is known, I have shown the world my inability and constant tomfoolery. What part of me is to be taken seriously? The night is prone to progress in a manner that escalates to the point of complete inebriation, a celebration for sport, of course it’s hardly a prerequisite. There is an exit, but do you expect me to take it?

What d'ya think?

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