Jack Dorian; Fool

How could you say yes? I am to be detested, surely. The over spilling history heightens our energy, you’ve got so much soul baby. We should have been gravy but alas it was not meant to be. Don’t you see? You’ll never agree with me, why won’t I just express myself? Let go of the weight bringing me down. Sweep the achievement off its feet. There are barriers that I can’t master, areas I shan’t wander, just yonder is the no entry zone. I’m warning you, stay well clear, its dark where the demon sleeps. I’m real sorry darling but I’m not the man of your dreams, not even the man of your daydreams; I, unfortunately, am the man of your nightmares. The one you should’a thrown away; as the butt to the curb, I digress, How could you say yes?

What d'ya think?

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