You’ve Got To Henrietta

Sweet remedy to the swain

Changing like the air,

The fairest while before asking,

How about two’s love?


Give a brother some lover,

Powdered with perfection,

Harp at me to hex,

A doe as divine as whom,

Love is the light.

Are you struggling to see?


Ostentatious, drawn to the crowd

Anonymous, faded and degraded

Shamed to say its all in my head,

Strung puppet with a screw loose,

Got a flame, umbrella for the rain?


Get out of my brain for the time being,

Never wise enough to size the problem in perspective,

No respective plan, give me your hand, regard me your man.

I’ve done wrong but I’m not the only one, I was gone for ages

I’ve played these keys before, in some other order.

What is this all for?


What d'ya think?

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