Beyond Absolute

It is something I never thought I would be able to say, by the ripe age of 22, but I can now say it because it took me a good two and a half years to complete. My project is called Beyond Absolute, which is finished and now available through the link at the bottom as an ebook and paperback (softcover, hardcover and even hardcover with a dust jacket). I didn’t think once that when I started this blog that it would end like this, but i have learned me a tremendous amount, and do not get me wrong when I say that I am glad it is complete and finished, but I feel almost lost in the wake of its birth, like a new father or something, unsure of the implications and what to do now the moment has arrived. When a dream finally comes knocking at your door, so to speak. Regardless, I just want to thank everyone that has inspired me and put up with me through this entire process. There are too many to name, but if they find this, they will know! Senset2 (2)


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